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Live Surebets

Live surebets are usually called arbitrage situations that are formed in a real time when particular sports event has already started and is still happening at a given time.

Live Surebets Pros:

High profits The standard yield of arbitrage live bets is usually higher than pre-match bets, with profits often exceeding 100%.

Quick turnover of bankroll Instead of your bankroll being tied up in bets which you are waiting to play out, live betting ensures a quick turnover of cash. There is no need to tie your cash up for several days waiting for a sporting event, as live surebets will be paid out immediately following the end of the live event.

Frequent betting opportunities The nature of live betting means that odds do change quickly, with bookmakers struggling to track and adjust bets based on their competitors odds. This provides many arbitrage opportunities; however, you will need to act fast and with accuracy to avoid mistakes.